Welcome to The Shell Fleet Association


The Association was formed in January 1950 in order to help the membership, which at present numbers almost 500 worldwide, to maintain friendships formed in the course of careers in the Shell fleet, other Shell marine activities and related offices ashore. To this end the Association organises meetings, reunions and other events for the membership, supported by distribution of newsletters, membership lists, appropriate Shell publications etc. An annual reunion and dinner is held in London each Spring. Each Autumn an informal weekend gathering is held at a different venue each year, to which members and their wives are welcome. The annual subscription is at present £10.00

As well as those recently retired, applications for membership are welcomed from those who did not serve at sea or indeed were never Shell employees, but who had a long standing connection with, and retain an interest in the Shell fleet and those who sailed in it.

Membership applications are particularly welcomed from those still serving at sea. Indeed we have several members who are currently serving afloat. Being retired is not a necessary qualification and the Association would be pleased to hear from serving fleet staff who would be interested in joining. Such members receive all the Association correspondence and are welcome to participate in all Association activities.

All applications and membership enquiries should be addressed to the Honorary Secretary at the address below:

E-Mail: The Secretary

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